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Hygienic Facility Wipes
A STAR Performer
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(Pricing and Ordering Below)
Hygienic Facility Wipes and Fitness Equipment Wipes are excellent products for your members to use to sanitize, clean and deodorize the fitness equipment before and/or after use. These wipes can be safely used on any surface unharmed by water alone and contain no alcohol or ingredients that may be harmful to skin or eyes!

Pre-moistened with a disinfectant solution
Our Wipes are pre-moistened and formulated with a combination of mild quaternary cleaners (same ingredients as used in sanitizers and disinfectants) for your members' health and convenience.

Two Variations to Choose From
Touchpoint Fitness Equipment Wipes
Equipment Wipes

1500 8"x6" wipes/roll, 2 rolls/case

Made of a strong, reinforced material to hold more liquid, impregnated with disinfectant solution (these wipes should only be placed in dispensers that are mounted with the pull facing up).

Original Hygienic Facility Wipes
Facility Wipes*

800 8"x10" wipes/roll, 4 rolls/case

Our Hygienic Facilty Wipes are impregnated with a mild disinfectant solution (safe on material and on skin) and are considered to be fully biodegradable* due to their unique Cellulose material.

Our Hygienic Facility Wipes are made from Cellulose, which is fully biodegradable.
They may be white in color but they are Green by Environmental Standards!
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A Wide Selection of Dispensers
Hygienic Facility Wipe Dispenser - wall mount
Hygienic Facility Wipes Floor Unit
Facility Wipes adjustable stand
Adjustable Metal
Floor Stand
Facility Wipes stainless stand
Stainless Steel
Floor Stand
** Our Wall Dispenser can accept either of our wipe products
*** Our Floor Stand can accept either of our three wipe products
Hygienic Facility Wipes
Several Excellent Applicable Uses
  • Health, Sports and Athletic Clubs
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Casinos & Gaming Parlors
  • Corporate Offices
  • Animal Shelters

Order Product Retail Price*
Fitness Equipment Wipes
Our "WETTEST" Wipes
8"x6" wipes, 1500 sheets/roll, 2rolls/case
(Press "order" button for case total)
  2 rolls (1 case) $36.50/roll
  4 rolls (2 cases) $34.50/roll
10 rolls (5 cases) $31.50/roll
20 rolls (10 cases) $27.50/roll
40 rolls (20 cases) $26.50/roll
Fitness Equipment Wipes PROMOS
12 rolls and 1 Wall Dispenser($36.50 savings)
(maximum of 5 Promos)
12 rolls and 1 Floor Dispenser($46.00 savings)
(maximum of 5 Promos)
Hygienic Facility Wipes
8"x10" wipes, 800 sheets/roll, 4 rolls/case
(Press "order" button for case total)
  4 rolls (1 case) $39.00/roll
12 rolls (3 cases) $35.00/roll
24 rolls (6 cases) $32.00/roll
40 rolls (10 cases) $29.00/roll
60 rolls (15 cases) $27.00/roll
Hygienic Facility Wipes PROMOS
12 rolls and 1 Wall Dispenser($39.00 savings)
(maximum of 5 Promos)
12 rolls and 1 Floor Dispenser($33.00 savings)
(maximum of 5 Promos)
Dispensers & Stands
Wall Dispenser (adjustable tension) $39.00
Floor Dispenser (holds two rolls) $125.00
Adjustable Floor Stand $220.00
Stainless Steel Floor Stand
waste receptacle below
* Contact us for Volume Pricing

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