ms/a/ds/cc8csClub Classic Deodorant Spray (non-aerosol) 8oz$8.00
ms/a/hs/cc8csClub Classic Hair Spray (non-aerosol) 8oz$10.00
ms/a/mst41vancsMulti-Sport Moisturizer ~ Vanilla (white) 4x1gal$82.00
ms/a/mw41pfcsMulti-Sport Mouthwash ~ Peppermint Fresh (blue) 4x1gal$59.00
ms/barb/jar eachBarbicide disinfectant jar$33.00
ms/barb64eachBarbicide disinfectant 1/2 gal$33.00
ms/comb7dozBlack combs 7in 12/bx$7.00
ms/shave/gil/11oz12/caseGilette foamy 12x11oz$55.00
ms/cottonballs12x100bagCotton Balls 12x100/bag$41.00
ms/swab/24x300gscsGoodSense swabs 24x300/case$55.00
ms/hairdryer/walleachHair Dryer, Conair wall mount hair dryer$74.00
ms/euc1eachMist of eucalyptus - excellent for steam rooms 1 gal$82.00
ms/valet/bags/web4/csValet Bags 12x20 4x875/case$137.00
ms/valet/dispeachValet bag dispenser wall mount$38.00
ms/raz/twin500packRazor twin 500cs$135.00

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