Cleaning Products
ch/a/gum Gum Remover - freeze type 12/cs 25 $60.00
ch/c/cc/glass ChemClene Foaming Glass Cleaner 12/cs 25 $77.00
ch/c/cc/ss/oil Stainless Steel pol/cnr 12/cs 25 $115.00
ch/c/pol/furniture Furniture Polish 12x20oz 12/cs 25 $95.00
ch/dip/a/cc/foamdisf ChemClene Foam Disinfectant Cleaner 12/cs 25 $64.00
ch/bk/bcna1232l Non-Acid Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner 12x32oz 25 $50.00
ch/bk/clnsr/aj2421 Ajax cleanser 24x21oz 25 $46.00
ch/bk/clnsr/cr1232 Husky Creme cleanser 12x32oz 25 $66.00
ch/cf/antifoam/rtu Anti-Foam Concentrate 1gal 10 $28.00
ch/cf/frk/answer Franklin Answer traffic cleaner 4x1gal 35 $127.00
ch/bk/us/blockga Urinal screen w/block green apple ea 10 $41.00
sw/bk/us/wave/me Wave urinal screen melon fragrance 12/case ea 2 $37.00
sw/ch/dip/clorwipe75 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 6x75 count case 12 $69.00
ch/dip/arena/jaw/kit Arena disinfectant cleaner JAWS Kit (Just Add Water System) - kills MERSA ea 5 $37.00
ch/dip/arena/jaw24 Arena disinfectant cleaner JAWS (Just Add Water System) 24/bx 5 $54.00
ch/dip/lem41 Lemon Disinfectant Concentrated Cleaner 4x1 gal - 2oz/gal for broad sprectrum disinfection 4x1gal 35 $92.00
sw/ch/sa/app/fs/a04 Appeal alcohol foam sanitizer 4x1 litre 4/cs 9$184.00
sw/ch/sa/app/fs/na04 Appeal non-alcohol foam sanitizer 4x1 litre 4/cs 9$90.00
sw/d/s/ap/foam Appeal foam sanitizer dispenser ea 1.5$15.00
sw/ch/sa/lys/sanspry Lysol Sanitizer Spray 12/cs case 12 $81.00
ch/sa/pur/tfx1200 Purell TFX Foam Sanitizer 2x1200ml ea 10 $144.00
ch/sa/pur12x8 Purell Sanitizer Bottles with Pumps 12x8oz ea 12 $89.00
d/s/pur/tfx/foam/gry Purell TFX Foam Dispenser-gray ea 1.5 $90.00
ch/fp/ff/hs41 Nova-X acrylic Floor Finish 4x1gal 35 $137.00
ch/fp/restor41frk Restorit acrylic finish floor maintainer 4x1gal 35 $118.00
ch/fp/sff41 Sports Floor Finsh 4x1gal 35 $120.00
ch/fp/strp41frk Offense stripper 4x1gal 4x1gal 35 $130.00
ch/c/mur1232 Murphys Oil Soap 12x32oz 25 $76.00
ch/c/mur41 Murphys Oil Soap 4x1gal 35 $105.00
ch/c/nature 41 Nature's Choice Bio-Enzyme Concentrate: Millions of "good enzymes" clean and deodorize both hard surfaces and carpeting. 4x1gal 35 $83.00
ch/c/neutra 41 Neutraclene: Ph balanced cleaner for use on all floors and surfaces not harmed by water alone. Neutraclene will not harm wax surfaces or finishes. 4x1gal 35 $65.00
ch/c/pwr3sc Chempower SuperConcentrate: Can be diluted 3 gallons water to 1 gallon Chempower conc to provide you our Chempower Concentrate 3gal 35 $153.00
ch/c/pwr41 Chempower Concentrate: Cleaner & Degreaser, extremely concentrated for economy. Can be used for spray and wipe applications in diluted form. Can be used on any surface not harmed by water alone. 4x1gal 35 $60.00
ch/c/pwr5 Chempower cleaner & degreaser concentrate: Same as gallons 5gal 45 $47.00
ch/c/shwpwr41 Shower Power Concentrate: Excellent Non-Acid cleaner for commercial showers; can be used with an automatic foamer gun 4x1gal 35 $66.00
ch/c/shwpwr5 Shower Power Concentrate: Same as gallons. 5gal 45 $48.00
ch/c/simpg61 Simple Green cleaner concentrate 6x1gal 55 $128.00
ch/c/spe41g Special Effect Mild Acid Cleaner: We use a combination of Citric & Acetic Acid to provide excellent cleaning action against soap scum, body oil residue and most grime; Safer to use then most acid-based cleaners (we still recommend use of gloves). 4x1gal 35 $61.00
ch/c/tilex932 Tilex mildew remover ready to use spray bottles 9x32oz 10 $78.00
ch/po/bc2 Brass/copper polish tube 2oz 1 $6.00
ch/hc/mg 44/4 Mean green skin and hand scrub 4x64oz 15 $105.00
ch/hc/mg/cd Mean green crank dispenser ea 5 $30.00
ch/hc/mg/kit2 Mean green promo kit ea 15 $52.00
ch/l/bleach 61a Bleach 6x1 gal 6x1gal 55 $31.00
ch/l/bleach61clorox Clorox Bleach 6x1 gal 6x1gal 55 $21.00
ch/l/lfs41 WashKlene Fabric Softener 4x1g 4x1gal 45 $61.00
ch/l/lld41cl Washklene Detergent 4x1gal 4x1gal 45 $55.00
ch/l/sld/50 Superclene concentrated powdered detergent 1x50lb 50 $101.00

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