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Touch of Class Body Wash and Hair Shampoo Elegance Deluxe Body Wash and Hair Shampoo Elegance Deluxe Body Wash and Hair Shampoo Elite Deluxe Hair Shampoo

Multi-Sport manufactures and distributes a wide range of products for the sports and health club industry.
Below are some of our shampoos, body wash and personal care items.
ms/a/s/bw41aloe Body Wash, Aloe Fresh aloe/green 4x1gal $43.00
ms/a/s/bw41smint Body Wash, Simply Mint Body Wash 4x1 gal $45.00
ms/a/s/bh41nmist Body & Hair Shampoo, Nantucket Mist - rain/blue 4x1gal $43.00
ms/a/s/bh41toc Body & Hair Shampoo, Touch of Class - apple/green 4x1gal $43.00
ms/a/s/bh41eleg Body & Hair Shampoo, Elegance - vanilla/whitepearl 4x1gal $46.00
ms/a/s/sh41trop Hair Shampoo, Tropicale Hair Shampoo 4x1gal $43.00
ms/a/s/sh41smint Hair Shampoo, Simply Mint Hair Shampoo 4x1gal $48.00
ms/a/s/sh41elite Hair Shampoo, Elite - pinacolada/yellowpearl 4x1gal $56.00
ms/a/cnd/tea41 Multi-Sport White Tea Hair Conditioner ~ (white) 4x1gal $65.00
These prices are based on one to two case orders
Please call for pricing on larger orders!!

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